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Monday, 20 May 2013


                          Secrets of Life...!
The Secret 1.
When we say “I KNOW”, it only means “I know to the extent I can actually perceive” but what we do not know is that it also implies “I failed to notice the rest of the things which I could not apprehend”. Let us find out what majority of us have failed to grasp so far in our lives.

The Secret 2.
KNOWLEDGE is an independent and eternal fact of nature.
We are only TEMPORARY mediums to re-gain and re-share the same with each other in various FORMS, at various points in TIME and so on. Thus we are all just a temporary MEDIUM like the machinery that runs purely on fuel / electricity i.e. our own deeds / actions by way of thoughts, speech and physical actions and help of our well wishers.

The Secret 3.
INVENTION is acquiring of knowledge, which is nothing else but RESEARCH only!
Invention coexists with research. Nobody has ever been able to separate the two till date and it is never possible for anyone to do so at any point of time in future too!
What is an invention for the ignorant world is itself based on the underlying FACTS which always existed in past, exists in present and will continue to exist in future. That is inherent, independent and eternal by nature.

The Secret 4.
There is no separate GOD from you and all other living creatures that exist.
It is all God only. It is NATURE. It is unborn. It will never die. It is eternal. It is the real YOU i.e. your inner centre. It is each individual invisible eternal SOUL.
What changes is the outer material form but the inner spiritual substance remains the same!

The Secret 5.
All holy IDOLS and divine religious BOOKS represent and share SILENCE and KNOWLEDGE only and in no way raise any need for loud shouting and creating noise, which we term as PRAYERS.

The Secret 6.
All living creatures including human beings, across the globe, are real TEMPLES where the invisible idol of God in the form of SOUL resides for the life span of that particular material form of life. What we call a temple made of bricks and cement is ignorance.
God resides in each one of us and not in the man-made temples.

The Secret 7.
We PRAY only when we MEDITATE internally.
All other external RITUALS and RITES etc. is IGNORANCE. The sun of knowledge has always been there to shower its rays of truth on us. But we are still experiencing the darkness of ignorance due to the clouds of our closed and biased minds. Truth is shining everywhere around us but we can not see it as we are still in a deep sleep. Wake up and learn the truth. DARK AGES indicate the darkness of our own ignorance and not the disappearance of truth.

The Secret 8.
Become a DEVOTEE of the TRUTH of life by nature. This is the only true worship which can lead us ahead on the path of knowledge. It is the path which can take us towards God i.e. attaining the state of OMNISCIENCE. That is the real freedom which brings us to our original form as a free soul i.e. our true natural existence which is alone like a MIRROR who has complete knowledge but in the capacity of an indifferent WITNESS only.

The Secret 9.
If we believe that the word RELIGION needs to be identified with a separate NAME then the only religion which can take us ahead on our journey towards spiritual growth is NONVIOLENCE. All other names are merely stepping stones to reach to the final destination of unbiased and universal SPIRITUALITY.

The Secret 10.
GOD i.e. NATURE is nothing else but KNOWLEDGE only. Nature goes on blessing us with the knowledge throughout our lives. Everything else is only its APPLICATION by all living creatures including human beings as per their level of understanding and awareness as per laws of life by nature.
Say if any one of our dear ones is not keeping well and hence admitted to hospital, then we pray to God for his / her recovery. Here the doctor makes an honest attempt to cure the patient, where he / she maybe or maybe not recovered by the doctor’s efforts. It is a simple attempt made by us humans based on the application of knowledge that we gain. We call it as BLESSINGS of God which is in actuality gaining knowledge and its application only.

The Secret 11.
Our past deeds done by us till date in our various material forms of lives is the only reason of our present material existence and so on. It is just a present material REACTION of our past material ACTION and then again we cause more material ACTIONS in each form of our lives which have their own effects on our future lives and so on. That is how we define our own FATE. This is a kind of circular process which has no beginning. This is the natural LAW OF KARMA which is noting else but the PRINCIPLE OF ACTION – REACTION only.

The Secret 12.
EARTH resembles HEAVEN when we enjoy material PLEASURES.

The Secret 13.
EARTH resembles HELL when we suffer from material PAINS.

The Secret 14.
We keep bonding ourselves to temporary material pleasures and pains at Earth, Heaven and Hell. FREEDOM is going beyond that! LIBERATION is our permanent separation from temporary material lives, which takes the SOUL, which is FREE from KARMA, to the SPIRITUAL SPACE. It is the peak of spiritual growth. It is the ultimate peace and happiness out of our independence forever.
We become EMPTY like SPACE. It is the state of soul as God i.e. having complete knowledge but only as an unattached WATCHER of it and no more a DOER from it.

The Secret 15.
Spiritual Intelligence based on our biased BELIEFS is sheer IGNORANCE. The truth of life is completely SCIENTIFIC, UNBIASED and UNIVERSAL in nature.
True SPIRITUALITY is a pure and simple SCIENCE OF LIFE. However, the main problem with majority of us humans, who are indeed the only ones capable of exploring the truth, is our unwillingness to mature up to the next level of awareness to understand the science of spirituality for our own well-being and that of others.

The Secret 16.
A soul, only while living life as a HUMAN BEING can achieve SALVATION / MOKSHA /NIRVANA i.e. freedom from the ‘Action-Reaction’ cyclical mess of material Re-Births by clearing KARMA balance (Deeds / Actions).
Hence when a MARRIED couple gives ETHICAL birth to a child that helps a soul to ensure his / her spiritual development during his / her life as a human being is like a blessing to that soul and a natural act of MEANS. Hence for those preaching in appreciation of CELIBACY for spiritual uplifting should also kindly respect the very cause of their birth as a human being on this planet earth!

The Secret 17.
Knowledge is an independent entity. It simply and naturally acquires mediums to reach out  to people to direct them towards it only i.e. our SOUL. The God. Our own NATURE.

The Secret 18.
What really matters to be saintly is deep INTERNAL DETACHMENT. External Renunciation ALONE is like cheating to ones own self. In fact DONATION is the right way of RENUNCIATION and not withdrawing from material responsibilities only.

The Secret 19.
Implementing knowledge practically in our own lives is a must to share it with others is a big myth. Having knowledge is enough to be able to share it. “Smoking is injurious to health” can be very well preached even by smokers themselves if they are aware and also agree to the fact that it has ill-effects, though they themselves might be struggling hard to quit smoking! It means that they are aware and also aiming to move ahead on the path of progress and are also willing to take others together. Knowledge is gained, shared and applied at different levels of spiritual growth as a natural process as per the laws of life by nature as governed by TIME.

The Secret 20.
While managing your material needs if you can maintain a selfless and detached state of MIND then that is enough for you to be regarded as a holy soul and a saintly individual.

The Secret 21.
While working in a SELFLESS state of MIND with an objective of SERVING OTHERS, it is equally important to understand the fact that for a holy soul the term OTHERS naturally include the entire human society, all other forms of lives, his / her own family as well as his /her own current material body which needs to be maintained and kept healthy as well to continue to do the good work.

The Secret 22.
MEDITATION is CONCENTRATION only. It is being AWARE. Mind connects our soul to the body through brain. The powers of the human mind make us stand out from all other living creatures as a human being. Mind is invisible matter.

The Secret 23.
Meditation blesses us with knowledge. It connects us to AURA. It links us to ENERGY too! Meditation if done in a TRIANGLE structure is believed to be more effective for energy generation. However, knowledge enlightenment is not at the mercy of any such specific structures or postures. Knowledge enlightenment is inversely related to KARMA trap. The more we free ourselves from KARMA trap the more we get enlightened naturally and vice-versa.

The Secret 24.
GROWTH is real only when it is colorful and fragrant internally. The shadow of a plant grows only when the plant it-self grows. The real growth lies in spiritual awareness and the darkness of shadow is our bias towards EXTREME MATERIALISM only.
We can enjoy the real internal fragrance and colors of flowers of spirituality or suffer from the darkness of its shadow of external materialization alone. The choice is ours to make. What we can see physically can be deceptive and illusory too! We need to BALANCE.

The Secret 25.
BRAIN has Intelligence (Intelligence Quotient), Emotions (Emotional Quotient) and Spirituality (Spiritual Quotient). HEART is just like a pumping machine. Spiritual Intelligence (SI) is what mainly separates us from other creatures.

The Secret 26.
The true essence behind the LAW OF ATTRACTION is that our success is always linked and attached with our external environment and surroundings through which we are all connected in some way or the other. Hence never feel that “I am great because I could do this” but always be grateful and understand the fact that “Others are great who could help me achieve what I wanted”.

The Secret 27.
Many of us believe that “Money fetches Money”. But the question is where would the money come from in the first place to fetch more money?
It is blessings of nature which fetch real happiness. Money alone can be just shown externally for a temporary period but happiness is to feel deep within the soul eternally.

The Secret 28.
The beauty of sound sleep, even for a few hours, can be felt only after a long day full of HARD WORK before starting for the day ahead and so on.

The Secret 29.
The YOU as a person always remain relative to the existence of ALL OF US. The each one from WE is a separate YOU and not otherwise.

The Secret 30.
The RICHEST person in the world is the one who not only knows how to earn money ETHICALLY but also knows how to spend it MEANINGFULLY.

The Secret 31.
POWER brings RESPONSIBILTY. Honesty is always the best policy but what many of us miss is that it needs to be applied with a little common sense so as to ensure that it pays back well and its fruits reach to all those who need and / or deserve the same.
Thus it no way means to add to the crime of greedy people becoming greedier at the cost of poor people becoming poorer and so on. What it means is to protect the ‘Suffering and Victim Classes’ by ensuring that no one misuses our power of honesty, which is meeting our responsibilities. Power is a liability to be shared and not an asset to be owned.

The Secret 32.
HAPPINESS can not be owned, share it to feel it. However there are always going to be two classes of people. Those who believe in spreading happiness and hence they live a happy life themselves. The others are those who are busy collecting it and that is why or because they are miserable. Be thankful to them for helping us to share our happiness with them which actually allows us to feel the same in return! Let us hope that they find PEACE and let us be peaceful too!

The Secret 33.
Only selfless GIVERS are true sense ACHIEVERS.

The Secret 34.
SIMPLICITY is the only correct, constructive, positive and value adding way of living. Everything else is merely suicidal.

The Secret 35.
The shortest and most relevant definition of LIFE is ‘IT ENDS’. Life is too precious to spend it worthlessly without any meaning or purpose. Look back. Plan ahead. Start today!

The Secret 36.
The shortest and most relevant definition of HEALTH is ‘IT DETERIORATES’. So PRECAUTION is better than CURE. Invest today for a safer and better tomorrow!

The Secret 37.
SATISFACTION is the pleasant cost we all have to incur to achieve HAPPINESS and PEACE rather than just wandering throughout our lives in search of the same.

The Secret 38.
The one who can be real FRIEND is the one who can play with you and can also happily see you winning and not the one who just gathers around to party alone.

The Secret 39.
We should say ‘THANK YOU’ only when we believe in paying back. We should not misrepresent ourselves otherwise! Let us be true to ourselves at least.

The Secret 40.
We should say ‘I AM SORRY’ only when we mean it and we are also ready to at least make an honest attempt to improve and change ourselves by not repeating the same mistakes again in future. Let us not only act smart.

The Secret 41.
CREATIVITY and PERFECTION can never co-exist. Be creative. Keep improving.

The Secret 42.
Be open to LEARN. That is also the only way to EARN. Learning knows no end.

The Secret 43.
Learn to acknowledge and appreciate OTHERS. That is the only way you can be FAMOUS.

The Secret 44.
The construction of the building of any organisation starts from the BOTTOM but the value system always follows from the TOP. Let us first look at ourselves before blaming others.

The Secret 45.
A LEADER is just a TRUSTEE. However, unfortunately majority of us focus only on our own benefits rather than keeping in mind the fact that we are mainly responsible for serving others. We can grow only when we first ensure that our surrounding grows too!

The Secret 46.
A MANAGER is just an ORGANIZER. However, unfortunately majority of us are masters. SHARING is the only way of CARING. Everything else is just hypocrisy.

The Secret 47.
SUCCESS can be measured only by how much we benefit others and vice-versa. That is the essence of TEAM WORK. Everything else is false drama and confusion.

The Secret 48.
When we have such a wonderful life to live constructively, many of us keep busy in just spending it uselessly. May the HOPE to actually live life will wake up tomorrow for many of us who slept after just spending one more day of our lives today, as usual!

The Secret 49.
People can not be termed as WINNERS or LOSERS. Any VICTORY is just a destination for each previous trail taken by us in our lives and any FAILURE is just a start for each new trail and so on. Both are just ongoing parts of our journey of life and none of that alone can be defined as our entire life.

The Secret 50.
Always remember that ‘TOMORROW NEVER DIES’. But do appreciate the fact that our TODAY was TOMORROW for YESTERDAY and so on. Wake up. There is only today that we actually have. Always live in PRESENT. The GOAL is set for all. Each passing day is taking us ahead towards our end! What we need to set is positive OBJECTIVES of life to be achieved before that, though the final goal remains unchangeable for all of us. Let us start living our lives sooner than we realize that we just spent it worthlessly having no time left to rectify. Let us start achieving that matters. No one can ever turn back TIME.

The Secret 51.
Thinking LATERAL does not always mean to negate others by raising objections alone. It also means and includes understanding and also accepting others opinions and views too!