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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Baap: Beta is bar exam main tujhe 90% lane hai, kuch bhi kar..
Beta: Nahi Bapu, 100% launga…!
Baap: Kyon Mazak kar raha hai..?
Beta: Shuru kisne kiya..?!!

Santa: I have swallowed a key.
Doctor: When?
Santa: 3 months back!
Doctor: What were u doing till now?
Santa: I was using duplicate key, now I have lost it too.

When I fall I need ur hand 2 hold me,
When I win I need ur hand 2 pat me,
When I lose I need ur hand 2 console me,

A modern employer is one who is looking for men between the ages of 25 and 30 with 40 years of experience.

Teacher: What’s the difference between Egyptian Mummies and Indian mummies?
Pinku: Children fear Egyptian Mummies but Fathers fear Indian mummies.

Teacher: In which period did the Mughals rule?
Pappu: I’m not sure but I think it was last week in the period before lunch!

Teacher: What’s Ford?
Santa: Gaddi.
Teacher: What’s Oxford?
Santa: So simple, Bail Gaddi.
While walking in the highlands Ram fell down.
Shyam: R u ok?
Ram: Yeah!
Shyam: Did u break anything?              
Ram: No, there’s nothing down here.
                        Dancing Accidents (Extremely Funny Video :D)

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